Futurity – A Future for Industry and University in Malaysia

Universities are traditionally research powerhouse producing high-quality academic knowledge and innovation. With subject matter experts helming these research, their findings hold authority and are highly regarded. However, innovation from these esteemed tertiary education institutions often struggle with commercialization and gaining momentum from the industries beyond their campus grounds.

Recognizing the gap between universities and the industry beyond it, Futurise Cyberjaya is launching a brand new Open Innovation platform, Futurity, to address the issue at hand with hopes of providing a holistic ecosystem to change that. Futurity is geared towards industry transformation through Industry4WD in lieu with the government’s interests in bolstering Malaysia’s progress in the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Innovation cannot exist and flourish with only a single party involved, Futurity gathers various parties from diverse backgrounds on a single platform to facilitate collaboration in the development and commercialization of technology through technology matching. Futurity aims to serve as a curated library of research and innovations from esteemed academic institutions in Malaysia to provide wider access for innovations and enable corporates to tap into the knowledge and expertise of innovators. 

Complementing Futurity is Futurise Centre’s National Regulatory Sandbox, a programme that allows innovators to pivot their focus away from regulatory compliance and towards finetuning their innovative products instead. Ensuring a safe space for cutting-edge innovation to grow and continuously improve in while helping regulators and legislators to adapt faster to the ever-changing technological advancements available, the programme will immensely benefit Futurity.

As a symbiotic ecosystem for both innovators and businesses, Futurity benefits them both equally. For innovators, Futurity provides an access to markets, distribution and funding, the possibility of co-creation and co-innovation as well as accelerated research and development. In addition to that, Futurity also boosts the commercialization for innovative products from universities and other innovators.

For businesses out there, the biggest appeal of Futurity is a means to transform your business towards Industry4WD efficiently with reduced time-to-market and costs through a direct access to talents and innovation. Putting your business on the pulse of innovation in Malaysia, it gives your business a transformation like no other through accelerated R&D with the best brains in the market.

Keen to join the wave of the future in innovation and IR4.0 transformation? Futurity will be launched soon at Futurise Centre, Cyberjaya. To find out more, head over to Futurise’s website here.

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