Gameka established itself as a company capable of providing the necessary tools and mediums to ensure that corporations are able to transition themselves into the Digital World.

“I was deeply interested in gaming and in particular, role-playing games. I got into computing and programming at a pretty early age since my Dad was working in IBM. Naturally, gaming was a huge draw and I started building some simple games using BASIC and later on, Logo. Unfortunately, when I started working back in the late 90s, there were no such opportunities available. This software brings game design principles to the corporate world by redefining day to day back end CRM & CMS systems. Because Big Data is only valid when it is recent, Gamification focuses on increased engagement vie-a-vie increasing employee and customer engagement”, states one of Gameka’s founders.

With their primary objective set at delivering practical, easy solutions for companies, Gameka has been instrumental in bringing enjoyment and satisfaction back into the workplace. With a Mobile App that is intuitive and gratifying, Gameka’s services promote a better learning attitude, improved communication skills, and increased productivity.

“Gamifying the workplace makes it fun and rewarding for staff/customers to participate in a company’s initiative to gather data or feedback for improvement purposes. Since we began launching our gamification services, we found ourselves in great demand: corporations were hungry to improve employee engagement for Training & Development, especially larger companies with over 1000 employees.”

The company aims to build a global electronic gaming company in the near future that will likely see many more people utilizing Gameka’s games and software on a global scale.

Since the release of its software, The Global Entrepreneurship Movement (GEM) announced Gameka as one of the winners of the TENxCLUB – an initiative by GEM designed to recognize ten high-performing Malaysian startups, and was conferred the award by Prime Minister Najib Razak.


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