Go Healthy and Beauty with Gogobli

Gogobli is an Indonesian e-commerce start-up specialising in health and beauty products that connects brand owners directly with retailers and customers through their platform. Recognising that their country comprises 17,000 islands therefore distribution is often a problem resulting in inefficiencies and delays, Gogobli leverages on technology to bridge the gap between product owners and consumers across the archipelago.

Gogobli promotes health and cosmetic products, vitamins and supplements, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Indonesian herbal medicine (jamu). Its e-commerce platform is available on both website and mobile apps for B2C customers while the mobile app platform was recently launched for B2B customers.

While this Indonesian online marketplace is excited about their country ranking among the Top 5 countries in the world with the highest number of internet users, however, running an e-commerce platform is a different matter. “Almost every Indonesian is connected online for general internet use and social media but selling and buying things online is different. The issue is how to educate both retailers and consumers to transact online”, says its Chief Operating Officer (COO), Joe Hansen.

Technology education across the archipelago is one of Gogobli’s major challenges but they have a dynamic team who enjoys meeting product owners and retailers in the field and teaching them about e-commerce. Joe feels that such passion and enthusiasm are important to have among start-up companies for it is the very same values that will be tested during challenging times. Joe shares, “Challenges will come and test your passion for the business to see if you will succeed or not”.

Gogobli is tapping into the Indonesian health & beauty market size valued at US$6-7 billion – indeed, a huge potential market for this online marketplace to optimize as the country transits from offline to online business.


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