Halal and Food Business

Food industry is the most lucrative business one can think of starting in any part of the world. Studies have shown that food, packed or tinned, sells like hot cakes. But there needs to be some kind of guarantee given to sell it to the believers of Islam.

What is that? Halal!

Islam is the second most dominant religion in the world with 1.9 bn followers. Unlike in the past, Muslim consumers are growing rapidly, today. The lifestyle of the people of the UAE, Malaysia has changed dramatically over the past decade. They have become more of consumers than producers. Most of the international food chains and consumer brands have already started making profits from countries like the UAE, Bahrain, etc.

However, penetrating this large market is not practical unless your business is halal compliant. Halal is a concept from the Arabic language which means lawful. Believers of Islam have vowed to abide by their preachings, so they accept only what that is halal. And they even look for this certification in products before buying it.

In the case of Muslim countries like the Gulf, Indonesia, etc. the scenario is different. As a business, you can only operate in the market if you have proper halal certification.

For that much in advance you require to seek the help of a halal consultant, who will assist you in getting it done with a minimum time.

There is growing demand for halal food everywhere due to which food businesses have already started seeking halal services to cater to this demand. Most of the restaurants extend halal menus for their customers, which are accepted by non-muslims as well. So it has become easier for a halal compliant restaurant to serve everyone.

You cannot thrive as a food business amidst the high competition without getting a halal certification. It is true it is mandatory if you are about to reach out to the people of the Middle East but not in other parts. But it is always wise to equip yourself with it to serve everyone.

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