Helping Traditional Businesses Go Digital
TL;DR – BRANDKER enables SMEs to become game changers – before the game changes without them. 

In the current move towards digitisation, there are some challenges that are unique to traditional businesses, regardless of size.

Recognising this need, BRANDKER, Global Tech Investment Group is determined to champion the digital transformation of traditional SMEs. Launching their Business Digital Transformation (BDT) program recently, BRANDKER® founder and chief executive offi cer Matthew Chong said the BDT is to help traditional businesses to go digital.

Speaking to MALAYSIA SME®, Chong said they value traditional businesses very deeply, and they understand that SMEs often make better investments in the long term.

“We realised that a lot of SMEs are not familiar with branding and digitalisation. That’s why we want to help these businesses master digital disruption.

“By rethinking and reinventing their business to match the digital era, we ensure they are ready to dominate the market of tomorrow. We want to enable SMEs to become game changers, before the game changes without them.”

“The 21st century overcrowded and highly competitive market makes branding and capital strategy essential for SMEs to survive. Hard work is essential to survival, but smart work is essential to success, and in the digital realm, disruption is the smartest strategy.”

The Business Digital Transformation (BDT) is a new system offered by BRANDKER®. They will help businesses to master digitalisation and disruption, while resolving these new facets with the current business. This new, hybrid business model will keep the ambitions and core values of the traditional business while  using digital and technology based platforms to deliver it more effi ciently and successfully.

Chong explained that BRANDKER provides Ideation and Business Methodology, Branding, Go-ToMarket Strategy, 5 years of Branding and Business Blueprint, Management Blueprint and Financial Blueprint. Brandker will manage, monitor and drive the development of this new digital business, including matching the new business with investors to help them go regional.

“Currently in Malaysia there are a lot of opportunities and assistance given for start-ups, but not many programs to assist traditional businesses to go digital. We don’t turn a brick and mortar store into an e-store. What we do is we help them change their business model to focus on branding as well as to include the digital element into their business,” he said.

The BDT was launched at the ASEAN eBrand & Capital Movement conference. Organised by BRANDKER, the half day conference focused on how businesses can go digital and regional.

Individuals learnt how to create a disruptive business model, how branding is essential in their fundraising journey, how to best prepare for fundraising, and how to seize the funding opportunities present in today’s digital era.

BRANDKER is all about creating value through business, and transforming great ideas into reality. BRANDKER brings together ideation, technology, education, leadership, and resources for entrepreneurs on one platform. They believe in building a global entrepreneurs’ community where they journey with their fellow entrepreneurs, from an innovative idea to an infl uential international brand, and ultimately achieving IPO.

BRANDKER also invests in tech start ups to accelerate growth and provide capital investment to talented and passionate entrepreneurs. The team supports and connects local entrepreneurs with networks, resources, funding, offi ce space, and education. Their mentors team up with the entrepreneurs to help them scale and grow.

BRANDKER is supported by three different divisions – BRANDKER Academy, BRANDKER Tech and BRANDKER Consultancy – to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and make a difference in the world. Chong concluded, “We want to be a company that has substance. Our key mission is to drive SMEs to the next level.”

Source: Malaysia SME


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