High Demand Job Opportunities in Malaysia

With the increase of millennial graduates in Malaysia, the country is having issues in providing sufficient training and job opportunities for talents. In the future, this could lead to decrease in the country productivity, as the small signs of brain drain is coming.

According to TalentCorp Critical Occupation 2017/2018, there are six job categories that is high on demand in Malaysia. Digital branding and marketing is slowly keeping up to Malaysia, as 89% of Malaysians own smartphones and access to Internet connection. This number was drawn in 2017 from MCMC survey.

Following the high increase of Internet usage, data scientist and software engineers are high in demand because they are the backbone of applications and software management. Blockchain and artificial intelligence in Malaysia are slowly becoming popular, increasing the needs for experts in these fields.

Finance and accounting managements has always been in demand in the country, but moving toward the future, there are increasing demand for credit risk and regulatory reporting skill due to tighter and ever-changing financial regulations. Online banking and transaction starting to emerge, and this has become a big challenge to overcome, especially in Malaysia.

Customer is king – as a lot of business owner said. This also leads to higher increase demand for customer service, which pander a lot to customer experience. As businesses starting to integrate to sharing economy, customer service is a number one priority.

Tourism and hospitality is a constant demand in Malaysia, as the country has always been tourist favourite destination, any time of the year. Careers in tourism and hospitality is important to maintain good track record, and hence, more vacation cities are flooded with job opportunities.

Penang and Kulim are developing as the hubs for semiconductors and E&E manufacturing. This leads to increase of demand for civil, industrial, production, mechanical, chemical, mining, electrical, electronic, and telecommunication engineers.

More than ever, professional skills are needed in this country to develop a stronger economy and gaining investor’s trust, post-general election.

Photo by Venveo on Unsplash


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