Highlights at Malaysian Rice Bowl Startup Awards 2017
TL;DR – On 7th October, we celebrate Malaysian Rice Bowl Startup Awards for creative minds who brought disruption to way of life in Malaysia.

Why is it called “Rice Bowl” Awards?

Rice is the staple food and diet of ASEAN countries. It is also historically a key product for trade, for everyone. In the past, anyone can start planting rice, and the family’s food is supplied and the extra can be traded. ASEAN people understand the “importance and role” of rice in terms of food, trade and culture.

Technology became the “rice bowl” of the future – in particular for ASEAN’s younger generation. Technology also break the barriers to regional entry – in particular Web and Mobile medium. The Rice Bowl Awards is to celebrate startups that tie together this technology to propel their business for regional presence.

ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards started in 2015, focusing on 10 ASEAN countries. This year, Malaysia is the first in the circuit to announce its winners 7th of October 2017, where ZOOM was announced as Startup of The Year. Zoom connects businesses, online e-commerce and brick & mortar retailers to on demand same day delivery specialists, ensuring fast and seamless delivery. Zoom ensures ease of use with its platform as well as acting as a trusted business partner to businesses across Malaysia.

In the highlight as well, Aaron Sarma, the founder of Touristly, was announced as Founder of the Year. Touristly is a Web platform where travellers create amazing holidays in minutes, using an interactive itinerary planner and access to hundreds of activities in each destination. You can discover restaurants, spas, tours and attractions at destinations in South Asia and Australia and immediately book those activities directly on the site.

Changing the way we do work and place to work, WORQ provided a space where everyone can work and connect at the same time. Co-working spaces in Malaysia has grown rapidly in the past year. Since then, startups has less worry on where to be based and work together. At WORQ, there are options such as hotdesk, dedicated desk and private suite. Freelancers, entrepreneurs and business from different background has come together at WORQ, and that summed up why they won Best Co-working Space Award.

For full list of winners, click here.

Next destination is Laos Rice Bowl Startup Awards, and their final destination is the ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards in conjunction with Global Entrepreneurship Community Summit 2017, in December.


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