How to Support Women’s Entrepreneurship in Technology? With Money, Of Course!

In Canada, women represent only 5% of CEO positions and 13% of the management positions, and nearly half of technology companies do not have women leaders. This under-representation of women is harmful not only to women but also to industry and thus to the country’s economic prosperity.

Indeed, numerous studies show that diversified work teams perform better than those that are not. Individuals from different backgrounds, genders, and experiences bring different perspectives that can lead to innovative solutions.

There is an IT labour shortage in all industrialized countries, but women represent only 20% of the global labour force, which is a real loss of income.

Jobs in STEM also have good wages and will not disappear soon, thus providing people working in the field with employment insurance.

L’Oréal Canada has decided to launch the “Women in Digital” program, in partnership with URelles and Campus Infopresse. The company decided to focus on encouraging and promoting women technology entrepreneurs by providing them with financing and coaching opportunities. The cosmetics giant is no stranger to supporting women in environments where they are under-represented. There is already For Girls and Science, and also For Women and Science.

Encouraging women technology entrepreneurs in the development of their businesses help to stimulate careers and provide successful role models for other women. The positive effect of models is no longer a concept to be proven!

“Women in Digital” is looking for a founder of Canadian technology and digital start-up company with the potential to revolutionize the digital space. It must embody innovation and shape the next generation of Canada’s technology and digital sector. Women technology entrepreneurs in Canada are invited to apply on the dedicated website until February 28, 2019.

The winner will receive a training program offered by Campus Infopresse; as well as mentoring with a member of the jury. Finally, she will win a $20,000 scholarship to finance her company.

In recent years, more and more companies have started to seek to increase the number of women in the industry. In 2017, for example, there was the launch of the BDC Women in Technology Fund, or the program AI for Social Good to stimulate the OSMO Foundation’s careers in artificial intelligence, or more recently a campaign by the Greater Montreal Chamber of Commerce and Ubisoft, the Ubisoft Women in Tech Initiative.

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