Intellectual Property Literacy

Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MYIPO) representative gave a talk about Intellectual Property Management during BAHTERA 2018 in Kuantan, Pahang recently, highlighting the importance of intellectual property, especially among entrepreneurs who has their own brand, product or design. The talk comprises various aspects of their services which includes subjects regarding Patent, Trade Mark, Industrial Design, Geographical Indication and Copyright.

One of the most notable advice told by the officer was, “The value of something depends on the buyer” and he also explained out how Patents cannot be registered by functionality but by design. He took a straw as an example and pointed out how a simple innovation can be patented and most people, innovators, forget about it, dismissing it as a small thing when it has so many potentials. Most cases involve young inventors who won competitions but did not patent their inventions, giving access for other parties to reproduce and commercialize the product without crediting the inventors.

In ‘Patent’, he reminded that patents expire after 20 years and become public domain, elaborating how secrets like recipes, take coca cola or KFC as an example are not patented and remain a secret for a very long time.
In ‘Trade Mark’, he highlights the importance of branding, because what do people remember when buying a product? The brand, which increases demand that will lead to an increase in sales. He said that most local entrepreneurs think that it’s enough to just put their number on the package, hoping to get a call when in reality, not a lot of people keep the phone number, much less the packaging but they will, remember the brand. Trade Mark are protected by the law if renewed every 10 years.

The talk also comprises some of the famous court cases regarding each subjects mentioned. He constantly reminds participants that the first thing you must do when establishing a brand is to register it, hindering any unauthorized party from using your brand. He added how a trade mark helps to identify the source and those linked for the products and services trade in the market. The talk was ended with by emphasizing on intellectual property literacy.


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