Interactive Holiday Planners for Passionate Travelers

It was during a family trip to Singapore that Aaron Sarma, the founder of Vidi (then known as Touristly), realized how fragmented the tourism industry was. A multigenerational family holiday is no easy feat and the Sarmas were stumped at how unnecessarily difficult it was to plan activities that would cater everyone’s preferences. With a resolution to fix that flaw and bring together the Southeast Asian tourism sector, Vidi was conceptualized.

Vidi is a Web platform where travelers create amazing holidays in minutes, using an interactive itinerary planner and access to hundreds of activities in each destination. Offering a myriad of restaurants, spas, tours and attractions at destinations in South Asia and Australia for immediate and direct booking, Vidi is your answer to a fuss-free and fun-loaded holiday!

Before its first public pitch with Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation, Vidi managed to raise some money from a Hong Kong-based VC; Netrove Ventures, who came into the picture at about 2 months after Vidi was in operation. It was during the public pitch that they learned of a then mint-new TuneLabs. Working with TuneLabs from their Pre-A series days expanded Vidi’s horizon to include AirAsia’s 90 million strong user database. The potential to tap into such a vast user database was extremely valuable to both Vidi and Aaron.

For other firms, Vidi has developed white labeled products, allowing any brand to work with them. And what of consumers? Aaron proudly beams while sharing the many added benefits of using Vidi, such as the assurance of quality of product and 24/7 customer service, ever ready to help you along your entire holiday. Most importantly, the Vidi family work hard to ensure you are getting only the best of deals and pricing on their site!

Last year, AirAsia bought 50% of Vidi’s shares in a deal worth MYR 11.5 million (USD$2.9million) and things are to only improve from there on. Sharing what’s next for Vidi, Aaron plans to introduce an exciting new platform that’ll allow its users to experience their holiday before embarking on the actual trip. In addition to that, Vidi will also debut their long-awaited mobile app to pave way for more success ahead!

Vidi was previously known as Touristly until 4th May 2018.


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