International Venture Capitals Eye on Scale Ups During PIKOM SEA Dragon 2018

ON May 9th, 2018, PIKOM (The National ICT Association of Malaysia) launched SEA Dragon and its inaugural SEA Dragon Pitch Session. The platform is a Southeast Asian premier venture pitching platform for hot scale-up companies looking for Venture Capital funding, business mentoring and global market expansion.

With amazing line-up of venture capitals attending the very first SEA Dragon in Malaysia, eyes are focused on representatives of the venture capitals and which scale-ups that are interesting enough to be invested on.

Edith Pu San Yeung, is the head of 500 Startups Greater China and partner of 500 Mobile Collective Fund. She invests in mobile, AI, machine learning education and blockchain startups, including Stellar, Nebulas, Hooked-Human (acquired by Mapbox), AISense, Penrose, Cryworks, SIlk Labs, Piper, Apptopia, Mobile Action, Andy OS, Quickly, Powercore, Pack, Ingrain, Switch, Bento, DayDayCook, Palantir, etc.

In an interview with GEM Magazine, Edith dropped her thoughts on choosing scale ups to be invested on. “The biggest challenge facing young entrepreneurs today is that they’re too afraid. Once you get over it, you have to learn how to sell. You must be able to sell your team to potential investors. Having the emotional intelligence and just being intelligent are two different things. To be a really good CEO, you need to have empathy to understand why people do certain things,” she quips emphatically.

Among international investors present at SEA Dragon 2018 are Ant Financial, Appworks, Baasinfra, B Capital, CTBC Financial Holdings, Golden Gate, Inventec Ventures, KK Fund, Leonie Hill, Monk’s Hill, Mountain Kejora Ventures, Redmoon Advisor Inc, SOSV/Chinaccelerator, Sumitomo Equity Group, and Vickers.


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