Ladangku : Farm to Fork Halal Poultry

Last year, a housewife made a revenue that was close to MYR1 million selling a halal product on a part-time basis from home. Judging from the revenue volume, one would hardly guess that the product is a ubiquitous raw material in our dishes. She was a distributor of halal chicken from Ladangku Maju, a halal chicken supply company owned by Mr Yani Hardinata bin Hairuddin.

Mr Yani is an engineer turned entrepreneur and now Managing Director of Ladangku Maju which provides halal slaughtering and treatment for fresh chicken. He has been building halal chicken supply chain from farm to fork since 2013 and his brand has helped hundreds of distributors and agents in Klang Valley and Peninsular Malaysia to build their own entrepreneurial ventures.

It all started from a backyard operation with his wife to solve the nationwide complaints of questionable and dubious source of halal chicken, alongside his mission to serve the obligation of Fard Kifayah to the Muslim community. Mr Yani chose to sell and build a niche around the supply of chicken because Malaysians consume a large volume of chicken. On average, we Malaysians eat a whopping 43 kg of chicken per person in a year, making us one of the highest consumers of chicken in the world!

Now in their 6th year of operation, Ladangku Maju owns slaughtering and further processing plants. They currently distribute to supermarkets, restaurants and distributors/agents from the north to the south of Malaysia. With the tagline “Yakini Halal,” the company’s main objective is to produce and supply fresh halal poultry for the mass market.

In addition to fulfilling halal chicken slaughtering requirement, Ladangku Maju’s poultry products are also cut and cleaned prior to being packed and this makes it easier for the end user. Although this makes their products slightly higher in price, it brings a level of convenience to the end users that is fresh in the market.

In the future, Ladangku Maju aspires to be known as the go-to household name for halal chicken products. The brand’s vision is to diversify their chicken products beyond recognition of a company providing halal slaughtered chicken in the food industry.

As an employer, Mr Yani is elated to have his employees make their living through his company as he genuinely desires that his employees make a halal income from their work. Thus, starting a shariah-compliant business is extreme meaningful to him as he believes in giving back to the Muslim community.

When asked of his message to fellow aspiring entrepreneurs out there, Mr Yani’s message is to believe in the sustenance provided by Allah and to never worry excessively about any future hurdles and challenges because there will always be doors opened for those who keep God close to their hearts and efforts in life.

If you wish to learn more about Ladangku Maju products, you should visit their booth during Malaysia Halal Expo 2019 in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre this 24th to 26th January 2019! Their booth comes with further information on their company as well as products exhibition including satay and popcorn chickens for visitors.



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