Magnifying the Lens of Medical Advancement in Malaysia

In the early 1990s, doctors had a much more challenging time getting their hands on reference and databases to research a clinical question. If they were lucky, it would take them only about 4 hours on the Index Medicus to get their query answered. Well, at least part of it. Today, it takes less than 4 seconds to load an online database for them to check on medical interactions, pharmacology of medicine, and other additional information.

Technological advancements in healthcare has radically changed the mortality rate and patient care over the past century. Joining an array of game changing technological advancement is the application of Smart Glasses such as the Google Glass in the medical field. From pre-hospital emergency care to exponentially expediting medical history keeping, the possibilities are near endless on how the technology can transform the face of medical practice and saving lives.

Smart Glasses can be wirelessly connected to the Internet and connect onsite paramedics to offsite specialists back in the hospital. Connecting the two in real-time and opening communication between pre-hospital emergency care and the awaiting hospital can make a world of difference to the probability of surviving for an emergency victim. Streamlining the process and allowing both parties to fully leverage each other’s strengths through the aid of the Smart Glasses means the patient is getting a much smoother transition during the hospitalization and reduces miscommunication between medical personnel.

Smart Glasses also allows remote monitoring and Augment Reality features that will fully enhance the remote assistance process; ensuring significant improvement in the overall outcome. In addition to that, all information, communication and experiences between the Paramedic and Expert can now be recorded for documentation, audit and training purposes.

Being wireless, hands-free and constantly connected to the Internet makes these Smart Glasses a handy addition to the stethoscope and thermometer that are a must-have for medical personnel. It significantly improves clinical and surgical practices, training and task management as well inventory and recordkeeping for the industry.

If you are in Malaysia and keen on incorporating Smart Glasses in your medical centre, Roboxa is here to help. Fully equipped to help you with both hardware and software solutions with regards to Smart Glasses, Roboxa will ensure your patients and centre remains on the pinnacle of medical technology.


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