Melvin Wong : Successful Entrepreneur turned E-learning Guru and Mentor

Ever wished you had a successful, experienced entrepreneur who has been there and done that to personally mentor you in the step-by-step process of starting up a business? What if that same mentor walks you through which entrepreneurial mistakes to avoid, using easy to understand terminology and pursuable course of action? Well, today you can do so with Kodorra, an e-learning website that provides you with online entrepreneurship courses guiding you through the main tenets of entrepreneurship.

The founder of Kodorra, Melvin Wong wasn’t born as an entrepreneur with the aspirations to educate and inculcate the best practices of entrepreneurship in everyone else. Initially trained as an electrical and electronics engineer, Melvin felt a strong pull within himself towards computers and eventually made the jump into entrepreneurship and IT field after spending 2 years as an engineer.

Having sold his startup in 2016 to an American/Japanese company based in Silicon Beach (Westside of Los Angeles), he eventually found his raison d’etre – to educate and mentor others and give back to the community by empowering people to be successful entrepreneurs. Until recently, Malaysia did not have a holistic support system in place to encourage and help foster entrepreneurship locally. Now, with multiple government agencies and NGOs focused on bolstering entrepreneurs to new heights, it is a much more conducive environment for all entrepreneurs alike. Kodorra aims to go further by providing accessible and hands-on online courses to educate aspiring entrepreneurs not just in Malaysia but globally, from all walks of life and at all stages of their online business ventures.

With the advent of YouTube and countless “business gurus” on the platform, what makes Kodorra strikingly different for entrepreneurs compared to those YouTube videos? To this, Kodorra’s founder simply responded;

“You go to YouTube to learn tips and tricks to “fix” something. But you come to Kodorra to gain a skill or knowledge. It’s like going to YouTube to learn how to fix a tire puncture compared to enroling in an online course to learn to be a mechanic.”

In addition to that, Melvin is an award-winning entrepreneur with several local and international awards under his belt, such as the TiE’s All-Asia Business Plan Competition in 2012 and Malaysia’s National Intellectual Property Award, organised by MyIPO in 2014. It is his unique experience with his own startup FanXT, which was acquired and his numerous exposure to almost every aspect of a business that makes his courses and mentorship so invaluable.

Do experience the difference by trying out the online courses on In partnership with eMag, Kodorra is now offering a 1-year unlimited and free access to all courses available worth RM380. To enjoy this amazing benefit, visit and enter the coupon code KODORRAXGEMA when signing-up.



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