MIRRORS Seeks to Boost Brand Connections with Video Consumers via Contextual Marketing

SilverPush today announced the official launch of Mirrors; the company’s artificial intelligence (AI)-driven context detection technology that identifies brand logos, faces, emotions and objects in videos. By using AI with computer vision, Mirrors detects context in video content that align with the advertiser’s core communications objectives, which in turn helps them target their messages in a world already cluttered with advertisements.

SilverPush, a leading global platform for cross-screen marketing technology, developed Mirrors as a response to the industry problem of random ads placements in videos. This is negating the impact of advertisers, especially as video is projected to become the next universal format for content.

With its powerful detection technology, Mirrors works as an essential device that helps contextualise ads placements. To illustrate, Mirrors uses AI to identify objects and persons in the video content and help deployment ads related to what is being shown on-screen.

This ensures that only relevant ads are shown alongside content that users have an interest in. Simultaneously, it helps advertisers target their messages more strategically whilst also enhancing the user experience during video consumption.

Mr. Kartik Mehta, Chief Revenue Officer of SilverPush, said, “Mirrors is the culmination of years of research to understand how users are engaging with brands when watching online video content. With Mirrors, we are creating endless contextual possibilities and are exploring every possible avenue to elevate the user experience for consumers; while helping established and emerging brands operating in APAC target their messages more effectively.”

Silverpush’s Mirrors technology comes at a time where the growing consumer appetite for on-demand and multiscreen viewing is disrupting the global TV market. This growth is especially pronounced in the Asia-Pacific, where forecasted pay-TV and over-the-top (OTT) video will be worth $77.4 billion by 2021, according to marketing data analytics firm dataxu.

With rising internet and smartphone penetration rates helping even more people consumer online video across the region, Mirrors’ technology will be increasingly relevant to help brands interact with their audiences better. Referring to Mirrors as potentially being the ‘search engine’ of online video, Kartik explained that the platform’s technology – whilst being a B2B solution for now – can potentially power consumer interactions as well. This is as providing contextuality within a video will help Mirrors become the de facto engine for people to search, explore and navigate online videos.

“Imagine watching a video of a romantic song that features Emma Stone holding hands with a male costar at night time. Mirrors can quickly go through all indexed videos to identify this moment and recommends La La Land to the viewer in return.”

SilverPush has been recently awarded the Best Cross Platform Campaign at The Drum Digital Trading Awards APAC 2018 for their work with Unilever in the Philippines. They also won Smarties Bronze at MMA APAC awards for Coca-Cola.


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