MTDC Sets Up Centre of 9 Pillars (Co9p) and Extends Partnership with Industry 4.0 Partners

Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC) unveiled its industry 4.0 hub, Centre of 9 Pillars (Co9P) at a soft launch last week.

The Co9P, which is built on a community-based concept will be a dedicated center for industry 4.0, complete with Maker labs and co-working space. The centre will be equipped with the required tools and equipment to allow development of proof-of-concept and prototypes at the fraction of the cost of imported solutions.

This centre will house industry 4.0 partners and relevant ecosystem companies and facilitate networks with other business professionals, researchers, academicians, and industry experts to collaboratively develop local I4.0 (and related) technologies, services and solutions. The centre will thus also enable MTDC to assist in identifying local talent and in the creation and development of i4.0 technopreneurs.

In addition to providing solutions, MTDC’s partners will also work with MTDC Technopreneur Training Academy (TENTRA) to utilize the Co9P facilities to provide I4.0 upskilling training for the industry and academia.

During the unveiling of the Co9P, the soft launch also saw MTDC expanding its network and resources by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with 5 (five) industry 4.0 related partners. They are Malaysian Robotics & Automation Society (MyRAS), Malaysia Internet-of-Things Association (MyIoTA), RESPECT Business and Advanced Technology Solutions Sdn Bhd (RESPECT) of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Research Triangle Institute (RTI) and Human Life Advancement Foundation (HLAF).

The formation of Co9P and MoUs underline MTDC’s industry 4.0 initiatives. The 5 agencies involved in today’s MOU signing will be key partners (in addition to another group called the Myedtech Community which MTDC had signed with earlier) towards MTDC’s Industry 4.0 initiatives. MTDC, with the assistance provided by the partners, will play a role to synergize the interactions between companies (SMEs and larger corporations), wishing to acquire industry 4.0 solutions with the local providers of industry 4.0 technologies and services in Co9P. Co9P, therefore, will be the nucleus for these interactions.

The Co9P aims to position MTDC as the platform to allow SMEs to seek local i4.0 solutions for their existing processes. Large corporations are also welcomed to join this collaboration as part of their effort to identify local talents that can reduce the former’s dependency on foreign industry 4.0 solution providers.

The signing that comes a week after the launch of the national industry 4.0 policy, designated as Industry 4WRD, by Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad. Co9P will provide the avenue for MTDC to support Industry 4WRD. Chief Executive Officer of MTDC Dato’ Norhalim Yunus said, “the setting up of the Centre of 9 Pillars and the partnership with the 5 strategic partners marks another milestone for MTDC as the leading agency in the deployment of industry 4.0 in Malaysia. The Co9P will be a dedicated platform for the localization of i4.0 technologies and in the creation of i4.0 technopreneurs.”


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