Online On Demand Services: Paving Easy Lifestyle

The Internet has brought so many advancements and disruption to the business industry. It is the time for creative entrepreneurs to come up with services that promises a better lifestyle management for busy Malaysians.

Young urban mothers needs help after their post-delivery care. This period is a crucial time for recovery and maintaining health condition for them, physically and mentally. The creative innovation that may come in handy is Pantang Plus, an on-demand confinement and post-natal services for mothers who needs attention. They provide mother care such as body massage and herbal bath, and baby care such as shower and massage for the baby. In addition, they can also provide housekeeping and laundry services to complete the chores for the mothers. Pantang Plus was nominated for the best healthy lifestyle tech start-ups for Asean Rice Bowl Startup Awards 2017.

Looking for gyms, or workout studios to build your stamina or just keeping fit? Kfit and Wanderclass ,  and recently launched in Malaysia – Guavapass help you to find the best venue to get started. You can choose to workout in groups, discover new gyms, or share sport activities with your friends. Pave your way to healthy lifestyle when choosing the best gym in town!

Need a few extra hands to get your task done? Don’t worry, GoGetters are here to help you! is an application that allows you to request for help to buy you food, to pick up and drop off your items, go shopping for you, or even help you with moving stuffs. If you need extra hands for online related task instead, Supahands connects you with remote workers to help you with compiling data, planning trip itineraries, lead generations and other digital tasks!

If you’re not feeling well and need specific healthcare professionals to make sure your health is in good condition, BookDoc may be the solution to your anxiety. BookDoc has established an integrated online ecosystem for local and overseas health travellers. The ecosystem allows users to search and book healthcare professionals anytime and anywhere, and integrates seamlessly with navigation, transport, accommodation and recommended restaurants &  attractions for a hassle-free and enjoyable experience to healthcare appointments.

Moving in a fast-paced lifestyle, we tend to choose eating fast food, knowing that it is unhealthy for us to have them regularly. Thanks to services like Dah Makan and Cleanbites now we can have healthy food for your lunch and dinner! Customers can browse menu that is healthy, and then wait for it to be delivered to their footsteps. How amazing that is!

There are more online on-demand services that has been blooming recently in Malaysia, and coming from Magic Global Accelerator Program, we can expect more great start-ups to come through with their creative innovation, any time soon!


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