Popping Up in Your Leisure Time

Popcorn is closely associated with cinema in Malaysia but Elriana Resources is trying to defy that stereotype and convention by penetrating the snacking market through its product, Precious Premium Popcorn.

Elriana was founded by Dailami Daniel, who albeit have different academic and corporate background (marine engineering for the former and corporate communication for the latter) converge in their interest in entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship.

Precious Premium Popcorn is really a product of years of experience and self-investment as the founders spent many years since their university and corporate time, learning and accumulating skills that are required to build a successful business. In fact, they are still learning as both of them are running their business full time while pursuing Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at Unirazak.

The existence of Elriana in local startup scene is interesting and refreshing because it sits in between small and medium enterprise (SME) and startup. The nature of its business in food and snack is closely related to SMEs, while the growth and marketing method that it employs resembles a startup. Perhaps, it is the perfect embodiment and representation of how global phenomenon of digital economy is shaping up local business experience to the benefit of our society at large.

Snacking is quite a niche but profitable market in the food and beverages industry, thus enticing the two young entrepreneurs to pursue the opportunity. According to the Global Snack Report, 55% of respondents of the survey spend a portion of their income for snacking every month which shows that it has a very high potential. The typically exquisite packaging of snacks does not only attract adults but also children.

In Malaysia, the local popcorn market is primarily confined to the offline segment and dominated by big businesses like Garett. Precious Premium Popcorn is different in the sense that it leverages on online platforms and promotes social entrepreneurship as it encourages students, single mother and just any persons who need extra income to be part of the distributing network by becoming a stockist or agent.

Customers satisfaction and word-of-mouth are of utmost important to Elriana in this early stage of their business. Therefore, they invest a lot in ensuring the quality of their product which include among others making their popcorn seedless, guaranteeing higher shelf life and using healthy ingredients as compared to seasoning.

Elriana has achieved so much in a short period of time. Although they only have five full time workers running the operation from the headquarter, its distribution network includes 100 agents nation-wide including Sabah & Sarawak. They have also succeeded in placing their products in a local hypermarket chain, Subasun, in Terengganu.

Their success is not only confined to the local market as in 2017 they were approached by the Bruneian market while this year they are going to approach the Indonesian market. They have indeed come a long way from selling only one container of popcorn in their first month to an average 1000 containers per month.

It is just the beginning for Elriana and its brand Precious Premium Popcorn as they envision larger and bigger things moving forward. The enthusiasm of the founders, quality of the products and the larger goal of giving back to community are the qualities are definitely something to admire!


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