Redefining Beauty Through Entrepreneurship

“She can be anyone. She has her hair down and it is shining against the sun. She is not wearing any makeup but her skin looks fabulous. Her walk is confident and she always has a huge smile on,” said the dynamic duo Sophia and Shalma when asked about the perfect SophiaShals girl.

SophiaShals, the latest brand to shake up the beauty world in Malaysia, is the brainchild of TV Personality, Shalma Ainaa and local rapper Sophia Liana. These two driven women aspire to encourage others to embrace natural beauty and go against the media’s endless push of unrealistic beauty standards.

From their personal love for Aloe Vera, SophiaShals collaborated with Nori Skincare to create their first product that was launched in August 2018. The Nori Soothing Plus Aloe Vera Inspired by SophiaShals is a multi-functional product that can be used in more ways than one. Shalma showed us how she wears it on her face as a moisturizer while Sophia says she uses it at night on her hair and eyelashes.

Sophia and Shalma chose to kickstart their brand with an Aloe Vera product due to its health benefits. Besides that, they have been avid users of products made from the succulent plant species since their secondary school days. Sophia mentioned that despite having always been an Aloe Vera fan throughout the years, she admits that it isn’t a product that is easily accessible because it is expensive and quite hard to find in stores. She wanted to make sure other people like her will be able to purchase a good organic Aloe Vera product without an expensive price tag.

Shalma on the other hand said that she wanted to create a product that could be used by everyone regardless of age, race, and gender. She said that their brand wants to welcome men into the beauty and healthcare world and encourage them to start taking care of their skin. Introducing the SophiaShals brand through a practical multipurpose product like the The Nori Soothing Plus Aloe Vera makes the brand seem less intimidating and more approachable for men as it isn’t marketed exclusively as a beauty product.

SophiaShals is currently a small team with big hopes. The duo hinted at a future where we’ll see more from SophiaShals that maybe won’t just be skincare items.



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