Scale Ups Locking Down Potential Investors during PIKOM SEA Dragon 2018

ON May 9th, 2018, PIKOM (The National ICT Association of Malaysia) launched SEA Dragon and its inaugural SEA Dragon Pitch Session. The platform is a Southeast Asian premier venture pitching platform for hot scale-up companies looking for Venture Capital funding, business mentoring and global market expansion.

28 scale ups in Southeast Asia has gathered to pitch and garner the attention and future investment from international and local venture capitals. GEM Magazine interviewed some of the founders on their aspiration for the very first SEA Dragon ever, in Malaysia.

Taro Araya, CEO of Goamma Games, spoke on the challenges of doing businesses in Southeast Asia. “It’s indeed a challenge to grow the organisation in finding the right people in right places and solving technical, operations and financial challenges. It’s fun but not easy”. Goama Games is a subscription-based mobile games platform which allows users to have access to unlimited games and play the very best mobile games without advertisements and other gaming interruptions.

“I want to do something that is more meaningful than just the act of buying and selling. I wanted to become more than just a trader because once you’re in that state of mind, you have no idea what you spend your money on anymore,” says Sumit Khemani, founder of SmartFuture. Born out of sheer utility, Sumit designed and manufactured a portable, all-in-one device that can measure everything from blood pressure, to one’s body mass index, all through a machine that now sits in hundreds of offices around Asia.


PIKOM SEA Dragon listed 28 scale ups to the final stage, among them are 91 App from Taiwan, PT Gogobli from Indonesia and Qu Exchange from Malaysia.


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