Size Inclusivity Leads to Prospering Fashion Business

Size inclusivity has always been a constant argument in fashion, where a lot of people with extra small and extra large size usually suffer. In the new era where body positivity sets a lot more option for men and women to be able to wear fashionable and trendy attire, brands need to be on the train, real quick.

Nadra Nittle written on Is Inclusive Sizing Just Another Trend? where a lot of startups and fashion brands started to be inclusive towards sizing and how it affected their revenue and growth in the industry. The profit has been growing positively for them – because more customers prefer them and give the good recommendation for their products.

ASOS is the largest growing website for online shopping, and it offers various sizing from straight, curvy, and plus, as well as maternity, tall, and petite styles. In the US, more fashion brands are following suit and showing more interest in featuring diverse body type as their fashion model.

In Malaysia, Projek Cecantik is trying to bring more diverse options not only for women but also for men. Based in Kuantan, this businesses aim to be more inclusive in sizing and design. Catered for Muslim attire, Projek Cecantik has a range of color and style for those who seek for a bit of spice in their fashion!


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