Solving Printing Crisis On Campus

Are you looking for fast printing services but there’s nowhere to be seen? Are you wasting your time in a printing shop when you could spend the time, being productive with school and work? Sprintla is here to solve your problems.

In 2016, Justin Wong was assigned to come up with an online business idea. They were looking for problems to solve, but turns out they are problem free until Justine was printing his learning materials.

His Eureka moment sparked and that’s when Sprintla was born!

Justin was focusing on his studies and Sprintla was only a side project. Then, he participated in the 1337 Academy Alpha Startup. They were assigned to TARuC to do their market research on the first day of class. MMU Entrepreneurship Development Center (EDC) gave them resources, opportunity, and faith that keep him going.

“We are grateful on the people we meet all the while since we first started this. To be frank, we think it’s still too early and we have nothing big to celebrate for now. Yet, it’s really a turning point when we met Mr.Ganesh, the Founder of MOLpay and who decided to invest in us at the University Entrepreneurship Masterclass (UEM) which organized by with the joint initiative by Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Education. With the skills equipped throughout the 12-weeks UEM program and mentorship of Ganesh, it is really bringing up to the next level!”

Sprintla is currently operating in MMU, University of Malaya, Management and Science University, and SEGi University.

“We survey and handpicked university and the printing vendors before onboarding them. We have a 72-hours policy where onboarding vendor shall be done within 3 days.”

Sprintla observed the number of students, students density, printing behavior and more, to choose the right university to operate on. On the other hands, they choose their printing partner based on their location and reliability on their printing service.

Justin spoke about the struggle of juggling between school and business.

“Trust is the biggest lesson we learned. Building trust with all our key stakeholders is the main reason that continues pushing us forward. When we were still new in business and lack of resources, we weren’t able to serve our customers and printing partner well. We almost lost one of our very early printing partners due to this but luckily we managed to learn from our mistake quickly and continue building the relationship with our stakeholders,’’ said Justin.

When asked about Sprintla’s future plan, Justin mentioned that they are expanding their services to captures the needs of working professional who is always on the go, as educational institutions remain as their primary market. Sprintla is going to launch their Enterprise plan that targets B2B market.

In an endnote, Justin also hints to launch a mobile application. We are excited for it!


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