Sugarbook : Tech Meets Love and Money

Sugar dating – it always sounds like a foreign concept until you’ve tried it yourself, where individuals take the term friends with benefits and instead, turn it into dating with benefits.  If you’re a sugar daddy, you get to filter out all the unwanted qualities for a perfect match and if you’re a sugar baby, let’s just say the perks are endless.

“Compared to traditional dating, on Sugarbook we set a profile, state out what we want, we strike up a conversation and we have to make sure that the other party is okay with our unique needs and wants,” shared Darren Chan, sole founder of the Sugarbook, a local discreet dating platform that has also recently gained traction from members in the United States.

“We’ve seen a lot of various needs and wants, it could be a girl might want a Chanel bag every six months, or only flying first class, or maybe a monogamous relationship or an open one. Then they progress into meeting up somewhere to see if there’s chemistry.”

Due to their nature of business, it wasn’t easy for Sugarbook to gain funding. In fact, over 50 investors turned down their pitch until Darren’s tenacity and faith in his own idea finally closed a deal with an anonymous investor last December.

Despite technology’s adverse effects on the quality of relationships, it has made dating easier and is even the preferred choice for many. Some of its advantages include the opportunity to make judgment before meeting, something Darren believes is part of human nature. He quotes, “Believe it or not, every profile we screen through, we are actually judging every single profile that we see. It’s because humans love to judge, it’s really wired in the human brain that we’re automatically doing judgments to everything that we see; more so to dating profiles.”

He also added, “A lot of people ask me why aren’t people meeting traditionally. I think it’s really because as tech evolves and as people evolve, tech makes life easier. Now the bad side is that it makes us lazier in terms of dating. Imagine a man going up to a woman in a bar; it would take guts to walk up to her.  Now, tech stepped in and what it did and it took away all those struggles and obstructions, we made it easy for people and all you need is to swipe through a profile to say hi.”

Aside from Sugarbook’s wide selection of candidates with niche desires, it’s also a go-to platform for individuals who seek discretion due to their influence or position. With three membership options: Standard, Premium and Diamond, Darren explained to us how even the affluent members of society are utilizing Sugarbook to meet their wants. Their uber-exclusive membership tier comes with a price tag of 200USD per month, a small price to pay for a membership that gives you 20 times more sugar babies.

But what is a dating platform without the sketchy users? Sugarbook is no exception to this challenge. Luckily for D

arren, his pool of faithful users has a lot to do with the maintenance of the platform. They often help the team identify fraudsters, scammers, bugs and even people who advertise themselves for sexual gain. Their feedback and comments helped tremendously in the development of a smoother transaction.

“When you’re in the business providing a platform or an app, we really need to think what constitutes a good product. What I believe about a good product is not just building the app and have users use your product, I think that’s superficial. They leave it by explaining and preaching about it to their friends. They write blogs or reviews or comments about it. Now that would be a good product”



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