Sylist in Your Pocket

Ombré is all about you. Your skin color, your body shape, your height, your style. Enter your body traits a shop clothes from all your favorite online clothing stores. Explore a world of fashion where everything is suitable to your physique. Discover styles depending on your mood. Find ways to match new clothes with items you already have in your wardrobe.

“What do I wear today?” “How can I pair my favorite pair of jeans and not look weird?”

If you have ever woken up in the morning and been plagued by these questions, you should worry no more with Ombré as your fashion stylist app. Ombré is a smartphone app that helps you choose outfits and styles best suited for your physical attributes. Not only that, Ombré will also recommend you outfits you can purchase from a wide range of clothing brands with just a click on the app interface.

Ombré was founded by three brilliant, young minds; Imran Sheik, Nurin and Ahmad Shah and it took the trio 2 years from the initial idea conception to start developing the software for Ombré. The whole idea began from Imran’s brief stint as a fashion stylist when he realized that as a solo person he cannot style 10,000 people at the same time but an app would be able to do so! Teaming up with Nurin and later on Ahmad, they began working on Ombré after securing seed funding from Cradle Ventures.

Their hard work paid off with their official app launch in December 2017 after additional funding from Cradle Fund, Khazanah Cornerstone, and an angel investor, Thariq Usman. Now there are two versions of Ombré’s service, the B2B plug-in as well as the B2C app for general users. While the app currently operates on a Freemium model, the Premium features are currently being developed and will be rolled out in the recent future.

Ombré is more than just an app to see how a combination of clothes flatter you, it is an experience within an app with built-in artificial intelligence algorithm to learn of your preferred style and constantly improves itself to tailor to your personalized need. Not only that, there are stylists online within the app who can assist your inquiries should you ever have a fashion emergency!

Today, 20% of Ombré’s customer base is from the United States and they are looking to expand organically worldwide with growing adoption of the platform as an inexpensive and fun substitute to a personal stylist. Rather than focusing on only monetary gains, all three founders wish for Ombré to be part of everyone’s routine for their everyday use.


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