The Adopters of Cloud Computing

If you are an entrepreneur wanting to leverage on cloud rendering services easily, affordably and securely so that you can focus on running your business and not having to worry about data storing and processing, you have found it with GridMarkets.

GridMarkets is a cloud rendering and simulation service founded by former IT executives Mark Ross and Hakim Karim. Former long-time corporate junkies, Mark was a former Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Fortune 500 global financial services companies while Hakim, with his last position being a strategic business development director at Thomson Reuters.

Being early adopters of cloud computing, Mark and Hakim learned that most companies are keen to use cloud rendering but have little knowledge on how to fully utilize the service. At the same time, they discovered that there are a number of cloud computing companies running on unproductive severs. With this insight, Mark and Karim established GridMarkets and developed an approach that met the needs of both suppliers of cloud rendering resources and those consuming it.

GridMarkets sources idle computational power from reputable data center partners around the world and runs an intuitive user interface for setup, simulations, and submission on the cloud. Users are able to process these simulations efficiently, cost-effectively and safely on the cloud which typically would not be an option on a local machine. Not only can large companies take advantage of this facility but small-medium enterprises (SMEs) as well especially those who wish to secure big projects that require more computing power.

While the resources and services provided by GridMarkets are suitable for a variety of industries, digital artists working with computer graphics and animation software have recognized the start-up as their solution to their problems. Digital artists and studios often require large CPU capacity for their designs and graphics simulations but to set up their own cloud resources to support these simulations is costly and time-consuming. Through GridMarkets, the artists are able to leverage on a global inventory of high performance machines and server resources which reduces costs, increases processing speed and removes IT-related hassles and complexities so that at the end of the day, they are able to focus on their creativity while the machines, servers, and clouds perform the processing and rendering.

GridMarkets is a global company with operations mainly in North America and Europe, and the team is keen to establish their footprint in the South-East Asia region. They are also exploring the biotech pharmaceutical industry, potentially a new area for them to provide cloud rendering services for scientists and researchers. “It’s still early days but we are aware that scientists and researchers need large computer processing power to run their scientific simulations and chemical testing. We want to make the simulation process and data analysis easy for them”, says Hakim.


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