The Best Games Has Zero Friction

Goama Games is a subscription-based mobile games platform which allows users to have access to unlimited games and play the very best mobile games without advertisements and other gaming interruptions. Founded a year and a half ago by Columbian-Japanese national, Taro Araya, Goama describes itself as the ‘Netflix of Games’ where users particularly in the emerging markets, can access to games at a low one-time fee, paid via their mobile credit or wallet.

Goama is currently live in six countries in Asia, namely, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and Malaysia. This mobile game platform has the best games available in the market – 100% of their game titles are ranked top 100 in the world and 30% – 40% of their games have reached No. 1 in various categories. The selection of games available is of good quality and its subscription costs are as low as a cup of coffee about $0.90 to $4.50 a month or as high as $1,200 a month.

With vast experience in the telecoms industry and digital products, Taro is excited about Goama’s bright prospects. “This is the first product that I see a lot of traction and people wanting it. Distributors like the telcos are interested and very keen to launch it”, says Taro. With in-depth knowledge of the market in the telecoms industry especially in the emerging markets, Taro and his team are providing a solution for the exuberant youth gaming community whose users are not able to pay for digital products with credit cards. As such, they partner with telco companies to provide digital payment methods such as mobile credits and/or virtual wallets for those users to subscribe to the gaming platform at fair prices.

Taro has lived in Asia for about fourteen years – he was previously based in Bangladesh but now living in Myanmar. When asked about the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Myanmar, Taro comments, “Investors are viewing Myanmar with caution because it’s a new country. People are asking how to obtain capital and how to move money in and out in the country…You also need to understand the financial and business regulatory framework in Myanmar. It takes up a lot of costs and you have to build them into your business model. It requires persistence and perseverance. That said, it is the right moment now to invest in Myanmar”.

Goama has plans to roll out their mobile games platform to another six countries this year – India, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Nepal and Russia – and has plans in the pipeline to introduce its platform in further six countries either in Africa and Latin America. “It’s indeed a challenge to grow the organisation in finding the right people in right places and solving technical, operations and financial challenges. It’s fun but not easy”.

Goama recently clinched the Judge’s Choice Award at the Cambodian edition of Echelon Top100 APAC and will be representing the country in the Echelon Asia Summit in 2018 in Singapore in June.


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