Top Firms Hunting for Malaysian Talent
TL;DR – Malaysia Investment Development Authority (MIDA) Open Day 2017 showcased 7,000 job offerings from top firms

Top firms were among 57 companies offering 7,000 jobs at the recent Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) Open Day 2017. About 76.9% of the job openings were in the managerial, professional and technical, associate professional as well as technician categories.The rest were in the semi to low skilled levels which included craft, customer service and sales. Participating companies included notable players from the aerospace, chemical, machinery and equipment, electrical and electronics, transport, food and beverages, logistics and eCommerce sectors.

Among the participating companies were CTRM Aviation, NADI Malaysia, Petronas Chemical, ViTrox, Infi neon Technologies, Inari, Hotayi Electronics Malaysia, Coca Cola, Nestle, Yakult, QSR Brands, GDex, Nationwide Express and Lazada.

“Leveraging on our close relationships with the industry and professional bodies, what we are doing today is to join forces with our corporate partners to meet the growing demand for quality job opportunities,” said MIDA CEO Datuk Azman Mahmud.

“The emphasis now is on embracing the digital future, nurturing local businesses to become global champions, as well as to create more skilled job opportunities for our talents,” said Azman.

MIDA is also developing a database of job seekers via resume submissions on its website. Given the close contact MIDA has with companies, the agency aims to stay updated on industry directions and identify the type of talents required. Using the database, MIDA is set to ramp up efforts in meeting the talent needs of companies by matching job seekers with potential employers. Hence, job seekers are urged to seize this opportunity to register their interests with MIDA via its website.

“MIDA and InvestKL are working hard to bring foreign companies to Malaysia to set up their headquarters here. “These investments are expected to create more job opportunities for Malaysians,” said Azman “InvestKL has brought in 70 companies which have decided to make Malaysia their regional headquarters.

Out of this, 20 are American companies which have created some 5,000 professional job opportunities,”
added Mustapa. The open day was held in conjunction with MIDA’s 50th anniversary. Since its establishment in 1967, MIDA has been at the centre of industrial development in the country.

At the same event, MIDA also had an Industry Exhibition which serves to inform the public on the developments
of the main industries that have contributed signifi cantly to the country’s economic growth. It showcased companies that have been growing successfully in Malaysia such as ViTrox, which had a soft-launch of its new Internet-of- Things software-based product known as V-One. Other exhibitors include Intel Malaysia, Petronas Chemicals Group Berhad, UMW Maintenance & Engineering Division, Romstar Group and CCM Pharmaceuticals. There was also the Business Clinics, Business Talks by Telekom Malaysia (TM) and Royal Malaysian Customs Department on ‘TM Solutions Towards Industry 4.0’ and ‘GST Refund’, as well as an Industry Talk on ‘The IoT Effect – Opportunities and Challenges’ with featured presentations by ViTrox, Intel and Infi neon.

On the topic of Industry 4.0, the Minister said, “We need to look at technology, not as a competitor for our jobs but our partner in creating quality jobs. Like it or not, technology which includes automation and robotics, is here to stay. We owe it to ourselves to use it to our advantage or risk allowing our competitors use it to our disadvantage.

“This is why the government is prioritising innovation and encouraging the adoption of Industry 4.0 elements such as Smart Manufacturing and Automation to build greater economies of scale. We are not just talking about this but we want to address the challenges and make progressive steps forward. By the end of this year, MITI targets to table the National Policy on Industry 4.0 to the Cabinet.” From 1980 until June 2017, MIDAapproved a total of 29,209 manufacturing projects with investments of RM1.08 trillion. Of this, foreign investment amounted to RM585.5 billion while domestic investment were valued at RM498 billion.

These projects have created over 3.2 million job opportunities. “People are the intellectual assets that companies need to cultivate and manage, especially in today’s knowledge economy,” said Ministryof International Trade and Industry (MITI) minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed. “The availability of talents with the right skill sets will be a critical enabler in accelerating Malaysia’s shift to high value added, high technology and knowledge intensive industries.”

“It is important for an organisation to be visible as Malaysia aims to be visible. We want to be seen as a country that has transformed itself from an agricultural based economy to one of the most successful developing nations. In tandem to that, organisations need to be agile, flexible and adapt to changing circumstances. And we also need the best human skills,” said Mustapa.

Source : Malaysia SME, September 30 – 13 October


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