Unlimited Entertainment on Demand

“There are 4 million paid TV subscribers in Malaysia, but in contrast to that, there are 20million smartphones. I believe in the power of the smartphone to change the world. We want to bring the power of the internet to bring television to the masses”

Realising the decline in traditional television and the exponential increase in the usage of smartphones among today’s population especially among people in the emerging markets, Mark Britt and the other founders of iflix saw an opportunity to bring internet television to 1 billion people in the market.

On a personal level, Mark has always felt a strong feeling of trepidation over leaving his job to start a business. The fear kept him from chasing his dream business for a decade, until he founded iflix with the vision of providing video-on-demand media to as many people as possible at the lowest possible cost (often a fraction of the cost of one pirated DVD itself!).

Today, iflix is available in across the globe in areas such as Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal and Bangladesh), the Middle East (Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Egypt), Africa (Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Zimbabwe) and even as far out as the Maldives!

Covering as many countries as they do, iflix has taken a stance of moulding itself to local cultures and catering to local preferences. With subtitles in local languages and including a variety of content from neighbouring countries, iflix’s decision to adapt itself to the local region gives it a huge advantage over its competitors. Iflix will also air its own original content, such as an adaption of the highly popular KL Gangster, in a continuous effort to provide the best for its consumers.

When asked of the hurdles iflix has gone through since 2015, Mark quoted the challenge of rebuilding iFlix to be better and better, in terms of a platform with capabilities to handle massive traffic from users during moments such as football livestreams. iFlix has remained accountable and humble through some of the moments of failure, going as far as releasing public apology videos and Mark himself handling personal messages from users who reach out to him on his personal social media accounts.

Moving forward to bring football back for free for Malaysians, iflix now offers free live streaming of the major leagues in Malaysia, consisting of Liga Super, Piala Malaysia, Piala Sumbangsih, Liga Premier and Piala FA. Soon, iflix intends to provide a holistic coverage of Malaysian football including alternative commentaries and wrapping highlights of the game in real time. This is something that’s never been done before in Malaysia and iflix is here to shake up the status quo!

At its inception, there were immense scepticism from all stakeholders, from close to 400 investors who declined to invest in iflix to users who were apprehensive of the low pricing. Yet, iflix is constantly changing minds everywhere of its potential through its approach towards disrupting how people consume media. iflix has transformed most of these scepticisms into wonderment of a new era to come and it is certain that 2018 is going to be a leap forward for iflix, here in Malaysia as well as around the world.


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