What Is #MYCYBERSALE & How It Can Benefit You
TL;DR – Sale is Malaysian favourite word; online shopping is Malaysian favourite hobby. Dig in when both of them combined!

As we go through present day’s #MYCYBERSALE, there are a couple things to note about the popular mega sale that’s been taking the Internet by storm. For starters, this edition marks the fourth installment of the biggest online sale in the country, and if you’re an avid shopper, you’d know exciting times are ahead of you as these sales can only grow larger by the year. Interestingly, 2017 also brings a strategic partnership with National ICT Association of Malaysia (PIKOM), taking charge from the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) who have been organising the yearly event since its conception in 2014.

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The handover to PIKOM is looking to achieve more than RM300 million, a not-so startling rise since 2016’s earnings were at RM211, breaking its initial aim of RM200 million. This year’s theme of ‘Catalysing Micro Enterprises and Global Trade’ is relevant to the country’s state of Internet usage, which is at 68% as of June 2017. With more than half of the population in this category, Malaysia’s e-commerce is expected to grow exponentially in addition to an event like #MYCYBERSALE, as 50% of the country’s population are already online shoppers due to the competitive prices, wide range of products, and convenience.

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With all that being said, small and medium enterprises (SME) should consider the potential of sales boost in eCommerce as it makes tapping into certain demographics easier thanks to filtered search and algorithms. With the annual event being the first of its kind in Malaysia, participating merchants also benefit from it being highly anticipated since most, if not all, online shoppers are familiar with #MYCYBERSALE. 1000 merchants have participated in this year’s sale which see a 66% increase compared to last year’s merchants which capped at 607, making it another solid reason to transition into eCommerce.

So how do consumers benefit from this? Just tap into an app-based shopping platform to witness the convenience yourself. Lazada, Zalora, Shopee, and Hermo are some of the bigger brands that have strong and seamless user experience but physical retailers like Sephora and Watsons – both beauty chains – have also successfully ventured into eCommerce, making it easier for women on-the-go to shop. There’s not just that of course, the Internet is vast and limitless so a quick Google search will take you to where you want to be – we personally suggest you to stock up on items since the event happens only once a year. Furthermore, #MYCYBERSALES boasts discounts that go up to 90% so if a particular shiny gadget caught your eye, now is the time to make a purchase.

Click here for a full list of retailers and shop your heart out before the sale ends!


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