“We are a traditional logistic space, but disrupting it using our technology that we build to make it more efficient,” as described by Jeevan Kumar, co-founder and Chief Executive Director of ZOOM.

Jeevan, who decided to settle in Malaysia after his working journey all over the world, brought together his friends, Sean Lee (ZOOM Chief Operation Officer) and Mohd. Hafidz (now ZOOM Chief Rider Officer), which led to them founding ZOOM in 2016.

Zoom connects businesses, online e-commerce and brick & mortar retailers to on demand same day delivery specialists, ensuring fast and seamless delivery.

ZOOM not only focuses on delivering services, but also empower their riders, who they refer as Zoomers. Hafidz, who oversees recruitment and training of Zoomers, faces the challenge to maintain the motivation and dedication of the riders. Riders are trained to different type of deliveries according to their location and items that they deliver. ZOOM also focuses of routing and communication skills, to increase efficiency of the service.

ZOOM ensures recipients receive their items in times, to their hands, compared to other delivery services. At ZOOM, they believed that this could maintain the quality of their services. Looking back to their challenges, Jeevan said that every dollar that they earned, is the only dollar they could spent to sustain the business. Apart from capital, ZOOM also highlights about acquiring talents, especially from millennials who value working environment and culture.

ZOOM is now expanding to Indonesia for a joint-venture partnership, but most importantly as an entrepreneur who wants to set their foot in a new place is knowing their culture and understanding their problems and limitation, as Sean and Jeevan is travelling back and forth to Malaysia and Indonesia these days.

Sean, who never took no for an answer, is a determination for ZOOM to move forward and scale faster, as they look for prospects in Thailand and Philippines in 2018.

ZOOM won Startup of the Year at Malaysia Rice Bowl Startup Awards and then ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards. Jeevan believes that being substantial is important for them to be at that level – where logistic companies are often not sexy enough to attract the attention from media. They focused on business-centered narrative and keeping it low for before they finally sets as the best startup in the region.

As 2018 is the year where ZOOM is focusing on their expansion in Jakarta to serve 30 million customers, Jeevan lays out their plans for the year. ZOOM is centered in Klang Valley area, looking forward to strengthen their services in Penang and Johor, as the e-commerce business are growing rapidly in the states.